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Beers of Malawi

Now onto a topic that is very close to my heart...beer, and more importantly, Malawian beer!

So what beers are available:

Carlsberg (but not as you know it):

The most common beer in bars in Malawi is Carlsberg. It is available nearly everywhere! There are two types, called Carlsberg 'Green' or 'brown'. The Green is a lager, and the brown is a cross between a bitter and a stout, the beers are named after their labels, so you can order a Green or a Brown at the bar and the staff will know what you are talking about.

Green tastes quite good, while the Brown is a bit of an assault on my mouth!

Kuche Kuche:

A weaker beer, and becoming more common in Malawi. It means 'Bring on the dawn', suggesting you can drink it until the sun rises! Kuche Kuche is a slightly weaker lager, but with a very pleasant taste.


A beer with a difference...Chibuku is a beer served in what is essentially a milk carton. Brewed from fermented maize, drinking Chibuku is like drinking alcoholic porridge. Marketed as a Chibuku Shake Shake (because you have to shake it before you drink it), its slightly thick consistency certainly makes it unique!

My recommendation is that you buy this in the morning, and then put it in the fridge. The longer chibuku is left out, the more it ferments in the carton - and you can end up with a pretty strong drink indeed. Great stuff, and definitely to be experienced.

For more info on food and drink, go to www.sambanilodge.com/sambani_food_drink.htm.


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