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Nsima: The staple food of Malawi

The staple food of malawi is Nsima (pronounced en-see-ma) .

Nsima is cooked, ground white maize flour that is used as the stodge for the majority of malawian meals.

The maize can either:

  1. be ground by the family who take the dry maize kernels (sweetcorn to you and I) and then pound it with a huge pestle and mortar (most likely made of wood)
  2. be bought from a shop where a more industrial process has mass produced the flour

A cheaper version is a brown maize flour which is rougher in texture (but in my opinion more flavoursome!)

Nsima preparation: How to cook Nsima

For this Nsima recipe, you need the following ingredients:

Maize flour
Water (around twice as much in volume as maize flour)

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