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How deep is Lake Malawi and other Malawi facts

Friends often ask me a number of questions about the geography of Malawi, such as:

Well here are a concise set of answers to those questions.

Lake Malawi is one of the largest bodies of fresh water in Africa and by volume of water, it is the 8th largest lake in the world!

Lake Malawi is 700 metres deep, considered by some as the 2nd deepest lake in the world. Formed as part of the rift valley, the lake is the most southern of the great lakes in the East African Rift.

Lake Malawi also stretches for 412 miles along the shores of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania. 75km at it's widest point, gives it a total surface area of around 30,000km².

Look out for a future post on the flora and fauna of Lake Malawi.

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