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Rivers in Malawi

There are three major rivers in Malawi:

Dwangua river:

The Dwangua river is around 100 miles long, and flows from Kasungu National Park, on Malawi's central plateau to Lake Malawi.

Shire river:

The Shire river flows through both Malawi and Mozambique, and originates from Lake Malawi. It is around 250 miles long.

South Rukuru river:

The South Rukuru river is the main river in the Northern region of Malawi, flowing though the Nyika Plateau.

There are numerous other tributaries that flow into Lake Malawi, but the only river that flows out is the Shire river. During the rainy season, it can be hard to travel along the lakeshore road as many of the bridges get washed away with the volume of water passing through the tributaries into the lake.


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