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Dedza Pottery, Malawi

Souvenirs are a big part of the holiday experience, and Malawi is no exception. Wherever you travel in the country you will be offered a multitude of arts and crafts, from carvings to paintings and bracelets to hand-painted cards. These are not generally unique to Malawi, and can be found across this part of Eastern Africa (Tanzania, Kenya, Zambia etc.).

What is unique in Malawi, is the range of pottery on offer.

Dedza Pottery is the most well known of the artisan ceramic factories, owing to the rich clay soil in the area. Dedza is situated around 100km south of Lilongwe.

On offer to purchase are a wide range of ceramic tableware and crockery, as well as some more unique items, such as crafted olive dishes and figurine salt and pepper pots. For people looking for interior design items, Paragon Ceramics also make floor, bathroom and kitchen tiles to order, with choice of hand-painted pattern.

I would thoroughly recommed an inexpensive item or two to bring home to your family - and if you think they might break in your luggage, you can always arrange international postage!

Visit the Dedza Pottery website for more information.

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