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Antimalarials for Malawi

A bit of advice that I am always asked is what malaria drugs or pills should you take to go to Malawi. Of course it is always important to see you GP or travel clinic for the latest advice. I find having travelled to Africa and especially Malawi on a number of occasions that this is my experience of antimalarials or prophylaxis.

Chloroquine and Paludrine:

A combined treatment that malaria in many areas of Malawi is now resistant to. Not a common preventative these days.


A powerful drug that can cause some pretty funny side effects. This is a tablet that is taken once a week on the same day. My experience is pretty bad of this one, including wild mood swings, vivid dreams and mass hallucination (will fellow travellers). Personal recommendation is to avoid this!


An antibiotic that is used to prevent malaria in areas that are resistant to other drugs. Side effects are quite light, although can cause severe thrush for women, and make your eyes and skin sensitive to the sun (lots of this in Malawi!)


My choice when I visit Malawi. A daily pill that prevents malaria, this is a fairly new treatment and can be used for both prevention and cure. Side effects I have experienced are dry mouth and VERY vivid dreams...quite good fun really.

Malawians live with Malaria on a daily basis, with many catching it twice a year. Cheap chloroquine etc are available in most little shops for treatment, and hospitals will diagnose this very quickly if you are showing the symptoms.

A word to the wise - cover up arms, legs and feet at dawn and dusk, as you can't catch Malaria if you don't get bitten!

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