Experience Malawi

Map of Malawi in Africa, and the different regions of Malawi

So where exactly is Malawi?

Lots of people have heard of Malawi, but don't necessarily know where Malawi is in Africa. Malawi, named the 'Warm Heart of Africa' by its inhabitants, is situated in central, tropical Africa, between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Malawi is a small, land-locked country, surrounded by Tanzania on its upper Eastern border and Mozambique on its lower Eastern, Southern and most of its Western Border, with Zambia taking up the rest of the Western side.

The country is split into five main regions, each with its own main city.

Lilongwe, in the central region, is the capital city of Malawi and Blantyre, in the southern region, is the largest city.

For more information on the geography of Malawi, visit the Malawi Focus pages, where you'll find information on Malawi's towns, rivers, the lakeshore, mountains and much more!






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